Weekly & August Monthly Review

Weekly review

Profit/loss per league from 23-29th August.

Ligue 2: +1.73
Ligue 1: -1
Tippeligaen: +1.26
MLS: +0.45
Total profit: +2.44

It was a very solid, if not spectacular week. In total there were 10 picks, of which 3 were full wins, 3 half wins, 3 pushes and just the one loss. It was one of those weeks where the lines really mattered, grinding out some tough fought half wins and pushes. The over 2.5 loss Marseille v Lorient was very frustrating. Anyone who watched that match won’t know how that game ended under 2.5! Anyway, it was good to pick up a profit in 3 of the 4 leagues I cover and to end the month of August on a positive note.

Monthly review

Individual stats for each respective league are listed below. The start to the French season was how I expected. August is always a really difficult month, so to roughly come out level from both Ligue 1 & 2 combined isn’t too bad. It will set things up for the future. Sadly, the first round for each of those leagues was poor, but apart from a very disappointing 4th round of Ligue 2, it was a decent month.

The big shock was how poor the Norwegian Tippeligaen month was (-2.86 units). I totally ripped apart July with some great results and felt really confident. What went wrong? Well, I lost -5.5 units in just 3 matches. It can be risky having more than one pick in a fixture, because if you are totally way off with prediction then it can cost you. Sadly, this is what occurred. I do feel a bit unlucky with this league in August, I always seemed to be one goal short to win or push an over bet. Sometimes this is the way it goes. I still feel quite confident about the Tippeligaen, but I need to be a little more selective in future months and I will only commit to more than one bet in a match unless I’m really confident.

MLS meanwhile, was a delight. I do not cover this league fully and it’s not a subscription based league on meatmansoccer. But I have cleaned up with some selective picks each week, which seems to suit me with this league. I won 8 out of 12 picks in MLS during August, registering a strong overall profit, which saved my overall month. In total, I delivered a +2.9 unit profit across the leagues. My target for September is to be profitable in all four leagues I cover. Onwards and upwards!