Strømsgodset Season Preview 2021

Strømsgodset Defence

On paper this isn’t actually the worst looking defence but they always seem to end up with a lot of injuries or something not clicking. First choice keeper Viljar Myhra had a strong 2020 campaign and for a time was one of the best keepers in the league. He came up with some big stops and will be important for them again. Morten Saetra as backup isn’t the worst option. Godset have a very good young fullback in the form of Nico Mickelson, who was recently linked with a move away form the club. He can play on either side and SIF also have Lars Vilsvik and Jonathan Parr who are now older but who can still do a decent job. At centre back the likes of Gunnarsson, Leifsson, Fosnaess Hanssen & Duplexe Tchamba will be battling it out for positions, and let’s not forget left back Prosper Mendy who missed the majority of last season with injury. New signing Gustav Valsvik once played for the club and looks like an excellent addition to the backline. To be honest they are actually loaded with a plethora of defensive options. A lot of the Godset defenders are incredible injury prone so it’s a good job they have plenty of depth. I could see a lack of consistency in this backline which might hinder its efficiency. Jack Ipalibo & Herman Stengel are reasonable DMID options. The potential is there for Godset to be decent at the back but I just sense something will go wrong and they end up leaking goals.

Key players - Nico Mickelson (fullback), Gustav Valsvik (CB)

Strømsgodset Offense

It was a massive blow that Lars-Jørgen Salvesen injured his ACL in pre pre-season and is out for the whole year. He scored 10 goals and provided 10 assists last season and was a real monster for them upfront. Salvesen is a physical presence with technical skill who will be virtually impossible to replace. Godset had signed Freed Friday and it was exciting to see both of them together but now they will lean on Friday to be the main hitman. His career has taken a nosedive over in Holland but if the LSK version of Friday shows up then SIF have a real weapon on their hands. Strømsgodset have a couple of strong midfielders, Mikkel Maigaard & Johan Hove . Maigaard is more the playmaker, whilst Hove actually chipped in with 10 goals last season and is an excellent runner who gets himself into some very scorable positions. Godset lack a bit out wide and need more from the likes of Kristoffer Tokstad & Ingimundarsson. Moses Mawa might need to step up more as well this season and he needs to improve on his 6 goals and just 1 assist if he’s going to feature at left wing. Godset should in theory be able to score goals but obviously losing Salvesen to injury was a massive blow.

Key players - Mikkel Maigaard (CM), Fred Friday (Striker)

Coaching, other factors & conclusion

This is not a great area for Godset. During the winter there was a big scandal involving former manager Henrik Pedersen, who was accused of racial comments to players. The end result is that his position became fairly untenable but things were done in a messy way which left a sour taste. Pedersen possibly underachieved at the club anyway and never really lived up to the promise after when he first got appointed. Godset now have a dual coaching team in charge Bjorn Petter Ingebretsen & Hakon Wibe Lund. Both have managed the club before but it looked like SIF had moved on from those eras. This is only an interim position for both and long term I am sure the club are looking for an individual to take charge on a more permanent basis. Godset have had issues off the field for a few years now, always some sort of unrest or distraction affecting them. This has spilled onto the field all too often and the amount of times this team on paper has failed to live up to its potential has been incredible. Once again they look to have a fairly decent squad which should be capable of a midtable finish but you just know something will go wrong here. Almost inexplicably I could see them fighting a relegation battle because when the doom and gloom sets in here it really seems to stick. Maybe they can turn a corner in 2021 but I’m not convinced.

Prediction: 14th

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