Services offered

About me

I’ve been involved with football for well over a decade now and consider myself to be one of the best in the business in the respective leagues I cover. My areas of speciality are French, Norwegian & North American (MLS) football. I am especially well known for my coverage of French football and Ligue 2 in particular. Those who have followed me for many years will know I’ve posted my previews, analysis, betting advice & picks for free on various forums, websites & my own blog in recent years. Well, now I’m changing things a bit and moving mostly to a paid subscription service. There are a few reasons for this which I will explain below.

New paid service

I'm pretty well connected in the betting world and know a lot of people who pay for ‘tipping’ services on various different websites. Now of course there are exceptions and some do a very good service, but all I keep hearing is negative feedback and how much of a ‘con’ these services are. It’s my intention to prove that quality and value can be delivered to the customer at a good price. I’ve always wanted to improve the level of my work to an even higher level and this new website will enable me to do this. Of course, it’s got to be worth my while doing it though, hence why I am going to be charging for some of my services.

What I offer to the customer

There are four different membership options on this site. For more information, and to subscribe take a look here. What I’ll be offering each week are comprehensive in-depth previews for all of the leagues I cover. This will include analysis from various different angles. For French football, a comprehensive injury list service will be included for all matches. Betting analysis will also be given out, and where applicable of course any picks I have. Unlike some tipping services who claim they can ‘guarantee profit’ (but actually often don’t!) I cannot make such foolish statements. Nobody, no matter how good they are can 100% guarantee profit over a weekly monthly or even yearly period.

Of course though, I can give plenty of assurances that I will more than likely deliver a healthy profit over the course of a season. My historical record speaks for itself, but all the best tipsters do occasionally have bad runs, so patience is sometimes required. I won’t be offering any refunds in case of unprofitable months. This service is not just simply a tipping one where an email is sent out with a selection and no analysis. In the leagues I cover, every single fixture is previewed even if there are no picks. The one thing I do promise is that a match preview will be released AT LEAST 4 hours before the start of kick off. If I fail to deliver on this promise then partial refunds for that month (or period) can be discussed with me by the customer.

Value for money

I have never personally been a fan of paid subscription services. I am of the opinion that many are overpriced, completely fake or simply aren't worth it. My core principles are to offer value to the customer. I am of the firm opinion that the prices I’m offering for this service is a real bargain and manageable price. There is no way I want loyal people who have followed me over the years to miss out on my stuff because of a poor pricing structure. I am aware some people won’t want to commit to this service, but if you compare my prices to some other sites then it’s clearly great value.

Some free previews and picks will still be posted

The whole site isn’t going to be a paid subscription service. On a typical weekend, each day I will probably post one free preview which will be visible publicly. This is another reason why I have decided to keep subscription prices low, simply because there isn't complete exclusivity and the occasional match preview from a league you pay for will be posted free. In addition, I am hoping to provide free MLS picks for the big games until the end of the 2016 season. MLS won’t be a paid subscription league and anything I produce will be available publicly for free. My famous in depth season previews for French Ligue 1 & 2 will also still be available for free. I want this site to be accessible to as many people as possible. If you can't afford the subscription then at least there are still some things worth looking at for free.