Weekly Review (22/8/16)

Firstly, I’d like to welcome on board all of the new subscribers who have signed on this week. You have made a good decision joining meatmansoccer.com and you wont be let down with quality information, previews & picks. Just a slight apology to the couple of guys who had problems with payment processing. The membership options page will be undergoing a design change this week to make things more clear and accessible.

Results per league this weekend:-
Ligue 2: -3.21
Ligue 1: +0.63
Tippeligaen: -0.96
MLS: +1.75

Overall correct outcomes 13/27
Overall exact correct scores 3/27

The weekend itself was disappointing result wise. Most of the damage was done on Friday when I could hardly pick my nose! It seems like every season I have one REALLY bad August Ligue 2 round and sadly this was it. Some of the results and performances really surprised me and went against the form book. Thankfully, things improved over the weekend to limit the damage. 13 of my last 15 MLS picks that I’ve advised have now all won. I should maybe focus more on that league! Unfortunately, my slight loss of form in the Tippeligaen continued. I honestly feel really unlucky there at the moment, with most losers I have been exactly one goal away from either a push or a winner. Overall I am happy with my analysis, although sadly it was one of those weekends when perhaps my better analysis was on games I didn’t bet on. Sometimes, that’s the way it goes though. August is notoriously difficult to bet on in any mainstream European league and I never expected brilliant results in French Ligue 1-2 in this month. The best periods for those leagues are usually September-November and February-March.

All previews from the weekend have now been unlocked for everyone to see. I will continue to provide one free preview/pick per day during the weekend. As a reminder, If you want access to some or all of the previews then you need to subscribe to one of the monthly packages.

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