Weekly Review (12-19 Sept)

Weekly stats
Bets: 16
Won: 5
Half won: 1
Push: 1
Half lost: 4
Lost: 5

Weekly League profit/loss
Ligue 1: -1.67
Ligue 2: -0.67
Tippeligaen: -0.27
MLS: +0.26

So overall, a slight loss in 3 of the 4 leagues I cover which is disappointing. This is a frustrating period. I still continue to be one goal out with a lot of over bets and the amount of half losses I have racked up in recent weeks is ridiculous! I don’t feel luck is on my side either, for example two penalties got missed in the Dijon - Metz game! Nevertheless, I’m still quite happy with a lot of the analysis I am giving out. I have also been experimenting with a new preview style which includes bullet points. It should lead to a smoother read and easier to pick out the key points. Annoyingly, some of the best predictions and analysis that I produce have been in matches that I haven’t betted in. That is often the way it goes. There is a busy week upcoming with a midweek round in France. I have to say French football seems more difficult than ever to bet in, but hopefully a really strong run will come from me soon.